James Jamerson Live with Martha Reeves

Here’s a great old clip featuring Jamerson with Martha Reeves:



Bobby Vega Talks Precision Basses

Here’s a great clip where Bobby Vega talks about P Basses….

Rocco Clinic

Here’s a clinic that Rocco recently held at GodPS Music.  The sound quality is not that great…but there is some awesome stuff here.  And will be of special interest to those of you following the Reconstructing Rocco column in First Bass And Beyond. 

Love Rears Its Ugly Head – bass by Muzz Skillings

One of my favourite rock bands are the early incarnation of Muzz Skillings on bass.  Here’s a video of a tune called Love Rears Its Ugly Head:

I think the bass world lost an original rock voice when Muzz left Living Colour.  I’m a big fan of Muzz’s and just sad that there isn’t a bigger discography of material to listen to and learn from!  (I’ve been transcribing this for First Bass And Beyond.


The Rocco Half Mute Fretting Hand System

For those of you reading my Reconstructing Rocco column in First Bass And Beyond,

here’s a short clip someone posted to the ‘Toob showing Rocco’s explanation of the half mute sytem:

What’s Going On – James Jamerson And Marvin Gaye

Here’s the last in today’s celebration of Jamerson’s genius.  And this is the line legend says was recorded at 3AM whilst Jamerson was lying on his back (too drunk to stand) and sight reading a chart and improving on it at the same time.  Incredible song.  Incredible bass line.

Happy Birthday James.




I Heard It Through The Grapevine – James Jamerson And Marvin Gaye

Here’s the next in our celebration of Jamerson’s genius on his birthday: