Books And Courses

Here is a list of the Books and Courses I currently have for sale on my website

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Cracking the Detroit Code

James Jamerson and the other Motown bass players invented modern bass playing in Detroit back in the 60s.

Cracking The Detroit Code reverse engineers the stylistic elements that the motown bass players brought to modern bass playing, and shows you how to use those stylistic elements in other settings – not just r&b.

I used to run an online program of bass lessons – but it got full very quickly! And then I created a waiting list. And that got full! So I created a non-interactive, 30 Lesson Bass For Beginners course with PDF and Video elements.

This is a course that’s built around giving beginners simple yet effective left and right hand techniques, and then applying those techniques to a sequential more difficult series of song tutorials.

This is a 32 lesson course looking at playing the blues and blues rock for bass players. There’s a detailed syllabus on the sales page – but the course is all about taking vocabulary from real world bass lines – ranging from rock and roll to classic blues to blues rock – and practicing it in all 12 keys and different rhythmic feels (swing 8th note, straight 8th note, 12:8 and even funky 16th note style blues).

There are a host of bass less backing tracks to practice both the vocabulary with in different time feels – and there are a host of bass less backing tracks for complete blues forms.

First Bass And Beyond is the ultimate song resource for bass players wanting to learn songs! 2 video tutorials a week, a complete transcription and more. Click for full details!


This is a collection of 50 song tutorials containing bass line to the main parts of the songs in notation and tab, streaming video tutorial, bass less backing track and programming instructions so you can practice with Band In A Box (if you own it!).

The songs are the kind of songs played by working bands all over the world.