Can YOU Successfully Play This 16th Note 12 Bar Example?

If you can set a metronome playing and successfully count or play through those rhythms, you don’t need the book 16th NOTE RHYTHMS FOR BASS GUITAR (see below).

If you can’t successfully read or play through those rhythms - AND if 16th note rhythms are part of the vocabulary of the genres you play in or want to play in - then you DO need this book.

Being able to play 16th note rhythms accurately depends on two things:

  • Possessing the technique to execute 16th note rhythms - this is primarily a physical skill that’s addressed in the Bonus Online Content that goes with this volume.
  • Understanding the ‘mental side’ of 16th notes - that‘s knowing the foundational 16th note rhythms, how you count them, and practicing to assimilate the ‘sound’ of each individual 16th note rhythm so that you can look at a rhythm like the 12 bar example mentioned and know how every bar sounds BEFORE picking up your bass.

Developing this level of understanding 16th Note Rhythms is what this Volume is about. A side benefit: learning the rhythms thoroughly will improve your sight reading as you won‘t need to ‘sight read’ a rhythm but only how the pitches are applied to that rhythm.

Within the pages of this book you’ll find:

  • The six foundational 16th note rhythms (and how to count them).
  • Every permutation possible of each pair of these foundational rhythms - that’s 420 individual two bar examples for you to play and count through.
  • The rhythms are organized into sections based on the primary rhythm being studied, so that if you identify a specific 16th note rhythm is giving you problems, you can focus on that rhythm and study it in depth.

There’s more though...

Bonus Content For This Volume

There’s an an online bonus area (that’s free, just email a copy of your Amazon receipt or invoice to that contains:

  • MP3 practice tracks at different tempos for the six foundational rhythms. The rhythms are precisely spelled out by the hi-hats on the practice tracks so that you can accurately count and play the rhythms by matching the hi-hats.
  • 100 Page PDF of random 16th Note rhythms that you can print out and use for maintenance practice.
  • Bonus Article on how to use these rhythm exercises to work on either maintaining your 16th note plucking hand technique, or improving it.

If your bass goals including mastering 16th notes rhythms, then this Volume is a must. Get 16th Note Rhythms For Bass Guitar (Volume 1) now.

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