How To Play Bass - The 80-20 Device Method

Normally I create detailed (and long) enrollment pages.

Not for the beta run of How To Play Bass - The 80-20 Device Method though.  If there are questions you still have after I've sketched out the details below then drop me an email.

Let's start with some details:

  1. The HTPB 80-20 Device Method Beta has got 45 lessons split into 9 learning 'weeks' of five lessons per week.
  2. The first 25 lessons are already waiting in the members area for you - the last 20 lessons will go live in 30 days.
  3. The enrollment fee is $150 split into two $75 monthly payments - to contextualize that each of my lessons covers 10 to 15 pages in PDF and contains a similar amount of info to a 30 minute lesson with a good teacher. Most teachers charge north of $100. I'll leave you to make your own value and cost-benefit judgements.
  4. But.
  5. I'm also going to throw in several hundred dollars of bonuses (see below) so you've got full value before a single lesson rolls out
  6. One other thing to note....
  7. I'm only taking 50 students (max) on this beta run (because of  the 'Book Bonuses' noted below)


The Results You Can Look Forward To Achieving...

Here's what we're going to be working on for the next couple of months (and beyond):

  • The devices I've identified as Level 1 devices - listen again to the four videos I created with Level 1 bass lines.
  • The method that we'll use to practice these devices will not only kick start the process of assimilating those devices, but we're going to do it using the 10 most common chord progressions in rock and pop AND we're going to practice using the most common rhythms in rock and pop. So all this practice won't be theoretical - it's the bass player's equivalent of the way a tennis player hits different strokes or a golfer hits different shots.
  • The big one - we're going to learn how to combine the devices together in real world chord progressions to create functional bass lines. To do that we're going to use a tool called Deliberate Composition...and yes, YOU are going to be creating your own bass lines. You don't have to write music to do this, you can do this with rhythmic tab.


Who This Is For - And Who It Isn't

This is for those of you who can play a bit, but whose playing has flatlined.

I've said many times that there are ONLY two ways to make improvements on the bass:

  1. Improve your knowledge
  2. Improve your technique

The HTPB 80-20 Device Method is definitely focused on #1 and improving your knowledge. You'll get a side benefit lift to your technique though from the practice that we're going to do - plus I've also got you covered if you need to improve your technique (see the Bonuses)


If you're already a pretty fluent player AND you can create your own bass lines then this is not for you.

It's also not for you if you want to learn walking bass (I have another program for that), jazz soloing or death metal.

If you want to play rock and pop, soul, country or blues....then this Program has got you covered. As I demonstrated, the main element that differentiates bass playing in different genres ISN'T the devices and ideas being used, it's the rhythm with which they are played.  We'll definitely talk about rhythms too!


Here are the bonuses I'm throwing in to make this offer as much of a no brainer as I can:

  1. Vanishing Tutorials Volume 1 - value $97.  I'll manually add you to this within 12 to 24 hours of you enrolling.  Probably sooner. 50 song tutorials with videos and soundslice. Once this beta closes out this won't be offered again.
  2. Vanishing Tutorials Volume 2 - value $97.  I'll manually add you to this within 12 to 24 hours of your second installment in 30 days time. 50 song tutorials with videos and soundslice. Once this beta closes out this won't be offered again.
  3. Technique Builders - value $77. I've excerpted all of the technique lessons from the old How To Play Bass In 50 Songs course (which is no longer available).  This includes 24 lessons on plucking hand technique, 14 lessons on mastering the fretboard and 14 lessons on fretting hand technique. This will be added to your account when I get you set up.
  4. Deliberate Practice V1.0 EBook - Value $47 Although I wrote this 10 years ago, practicing is a timeless topic.
  5. Technique Critique - value $50  within 7 days of joining send me a 30 to 45 second video of your playing (which you can shoot on your smart phone) and I'll critique it and point you in the direction of which of the Technique Builders lessons you should pay attention to.



This is a special bonus.

At some stage in the next few months - certainly before the close of 2021 - I'll be condensing this course into two books.

Those of you on the beta run will get your name on the Thank You Page of the book - that's page 2 or 3 - plus I'll send you a copy of each book and I'll sign it with a personalized message.  Signed copies of the book (when published) will be available on the website here for $40 an $80 value!

Day 10 100% Money Back Guarantee:  This is a unique approach to learning the bass that's based on both years of study of bass lines and years of study of deliberate practice.  As such I'm 100% confident that not only will you find the information in the course highly valuable but that the implementation process that we go through will make a massive difference to your bass playing.

I want you to be just as confident with your purchase though,so within 10 days of enrollment if you're not finding this program suitable for you then email me for a prompt no questions asked refund. I'll refund your enrollment with no hassles and no hoops to jump through, and we can part as friends.

Simply  CLICK the big yellow 'JOIN NOW' button below to enroll via Paypal.

Please note that I'm having some issues getting Paypal and my membership software to talk to each other - so I'll have to add you manually to the course (and the first few bonus items).

This will happen within 12 to 24 hours of enrollment - but is usually much quicker.  Please be patient - I am the archetypal example of a 1 man band so I will get to it ASAP but I do have to eat and sleep from time to time!

P.S. This is a sketch page....if there's any info you need to make a decision then just drop me an email and ask away!


Paul Wolfe/