80-20 Device Method -  Closing Down (For 6 Months)

What The 80-20 (Closing For 6 Month) Offer Is About

The 80-20 Device Method Level 1 is one of three recommended ways you can get started learning the vocabulary of the bass.  (The other two are listed below.)

I've reached a point where I'm 'retiring' my courses and either converting them to books or just running a short launch for them once or twice a year.

I haven't yet decided on which way to go with the 80-20 Device Method. But I'm giving myself 6 months to work it out by closing enrollments to it on Sunday 16th April (2023).

Here are the three ways to get started learning about devices and how to use them to create your own bass lines, or to make you a better bass player so you can play other player's lines more easily.

1. Start with the 80-20 Device Method Level 1


3. Analyze the bass lines of at least 100 songs and try and identify the devices used in all bass lines and then create your own learning system to internalize that information so you can use it in your own playing.

While the third option is free (assuming you have the recommended 100 transcriptions or can do them yourself), it will take at least a couple of years of your time.

Or you could take advantage of this Offer and let me do ALL the heavy lifting.

A 'Closing Down' Package

Because enrollment is closing down for 6 months, I've put together a great offer to help those of you who have been on the fence about this to decide whether it's time to jump in:

Here's what you get if you enroll before the program closes down next Sunday:


  • The 80-20 Device Method Level 1 Program (Value $147)

    Full details on this program can be found here:

    80-20 Device Method Level 1

    This program covers the 10 most common devices used in rock and pop, the 10 most common quarter note/8th note rhythm combinations, the 10 most common chord progressions using sequential learning sequences to make the learning as easy as possible.

  • Three BIAB (Band In A Box) Style Packs (value $60)

    You’ve seen me post ‘Sight Reading Etudes’ recently associated with my Learning From McCartey and Learning From Jamerson Vol 1 books. Those sight reading etudes were generated via styles I created in Band In A Box…and those styles have either already been collected into style packs or will be. Each Style Pack will be $20 when finished….you get three as part of this package. The LEvel 1 McCartney Style Pack, the Level 1 Jamerson Style Pack (to be completed) and the Level 1 Blues Rock Style Pack (also TBC). These are all based on devices and rhythms that you’ll study in the 80-20 Device Method so it’s a great adjunct to the course that will let you create your own bass lines and practice exercises.

  • Technique Builders (Value $77)

    I’m writing a series of 5 books for beginners called HOW TO PLAY BASS IN 50 SONGS. Originally this was a course of the same name. Throughout the original course  were sequential technique lessons dealing with learing the fretboard, fretting hand systems and plucking hand exercises. Those exercises have been combined into TECHNIQUE BUILDERS and are part of this package – most people’s fretting hand and plucking hand need development work and though this was part of a beginners package…if you’re self taught (or worse, you’ve had lessons from guitar players doubling as bass teachers) then these lessons will help you rewire your technique.

  • The Rock Bass 101 30 Day Challenge (Value $147)

    This was a 30 Day Challenge I put together in the early days of the pandemic….a concentrated way to learn devices and rhythms for rock bass playing that goes from quarter note right through to 16th note lines.

    This is effectively a ‘quick start’ jump into Devices that covers foundational devices (plus some advanced ones) , origin exercises, 8th note and 16th note rhythms, deliberate composition and more. (Though you might need 50 to 100 practice hours to get through this depending on your current level.)

    It’s a great complement to the 80-20 Device Method (which is much more thorough).

  • 80-20 Songsheets (Value $97)

    The 80-20 Device Method is a thorough, two month deep dive into the foundational devices in rock and pop.

    At the end of that two month period I’ll add thirty 80-20 Songsheets to your library…when you see these, you’ll realize how valuable they are. Not only do they unlock the secrets of bass players you like, but they allow you to play a bass line authentically, in any key, in real time AND improvise at the same time!

The Million Dollar Question - How Much Is Enrollment?

The total value of this package is:

1. 80-20 Device Method - $149

2. Band In A Box Style Packs - $60

3. Technique Builders - $77

4. Rock Bass 101 30 Day Challenge - $147

5. 80-20 Song Sheets - $97

That's a total value of $530.

For this deal before Enrollment to the program shuts down for 6 months though, your investment is...


Just $97

How To Enroll

When you're ready to enroll, click on the Yellow Button below and you'll be taken to the enrollment page on the 8020bass.com site for the 80-20 Device Method Level 1.

You'll see that the enrollment fee is $147.

Underneath that line of text is a blue line of text that says: Got A Coupon?

Click that and the coupon code field will appear.

Type in this coupon, all uppercase:


And click return.

The enrollment fee will change to the 'Closing Down For 6 Month'  price of $97.

Now you can proceed with enrollment. If you've signed up for something on the 8020bass.com site before use your existing log in details, if you haven't then you'll need to set up a password to go with your email address.

Once you've enrolled you'll be able to get started with the the first half of the 80-20 Device Method straight away. (The second half appears in 30 days time..and the 80-20 Song sheets in 60 days time).

I'll get an email telling me you've enrolled and I'll manually add you to the other items in the Package...and email you to ask which digital version of the book you'd like. Depending on when you join there could be a time delay on that of anything up to 12 hours (I do have to sleep from time to time).

Any issues, just email me.

Here's the enrollment link: