80-20 Bass - Article #5

80-20 Bass - Fills

"the most commonly used devices in rock, pop, blues, reggae, soul and more..."

80-20 Bass is a complete system for bass lines –  I got asked how 80-20 Bass applies to fills. Here’s a pdf italking about this:

80-20 Bass - Introduction To Fills

I filmed 2 examples for this unit – please cross reference the PDF for the appropriate notation and explanation:

Example 1

Example 1 has the first 5 bars of a stop verse tagged onto the 12 bar Tommy Shannon style blues.  There is a fill leading to the first stop, and there's a fill leading from the stops and back into the groove (which is where the examples finishes):

Example 2

Example 2 is the same line - but this time the second fill - the one leading from the 'stops' and back into the main groove -  has been edited by using 'modifying devices.'  You can see the notation and tab in the PDF available to download above.  Here's the video example:

80:20 Bass doesn't just apply to what the bass player plays - which is what we've been talkign about so far - it also applies to other elements of music.  We'll talk about one of those elements in the next article - that element is  Chord Progressions and chord progressions in music have got an 80-20 component to them!  Hit the blue 'CONTINUE' button below to check out 80-20 Chord Progressions:


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