80-20 Bass - Article #1

How To Make Several* Years Worth Of Progress On The Bass In 8 Months

*how many years of progress you can make depends on your current level of knowledge and your current ability level....just so we can get started on the same page 😉

You're probably wondering how it's possible to make massive progress in the next 8 months?  And probably thinking it's some kind of "hack" or "accelerated learning technique" or similar.

It's entirely possible that those things can help you make progress on the bass but not the kind of progress that I'm talking about.

before we move on....a caveat

What I'm going to talk about in this series articles is aimed specifically at bass players who play songs in bands or aspire to play songs in bands.  It's not aimed at bass players who want to be the next Marcus Miller or Victor Wooten (both of whom are incredible musicians lest anyone think I'm dissing them).

It's not aimed at you if you aspire to play in a jazz setting and do lots of soloing as well as walking bass lines either.

There's nothing wrong with any of those stylistic ways to play the bass...but what I'm talking about is aimed squarely at all the players playing in bands of any sort, whether it's bar room bands, corporate bands, wedding bands, church bands, open mic nights and blues jams...or even just those of us who get together with a few drinks and play for enjoyment with our friends.




Paul Wolfe/www.how-to-play-bass.com