Announcing:  The Allman Brothers Transcription Collection (Vol 2)

14 INTERACTIVE Transcriptions From The Allman Brother's Back Catalogue...

Over the last 8 years or so I've transcribed well over 500 songs and mostly these sit in my 'transcription archive' gathering virtual dust.

One of my First Bass And Beyond subscribers wanted to see an Allman Brothers Collection of transcriptions done in the interactive soundslice format that I've been using for the last year.  (There's more on Soundslice and the interactive format below).

Now I've transcribed (or commissioned) nearly everything that Berry Oakley - the original Allman's bass player - played with The Brothers.  So when I came to do this I decided I'd release these in several volumes.

So Volume 2 is now live!

What Do I Get?

The Allman Brothers  Interactive Transcription Collection Volume 2 consists of 14 complete song transcriptions in notation and notation with suggested tab formats and each song has its own dedicated page.  Navigating to the transcription you wish to check out is mouse-click simple.

Each song tutorial in Vol 2 of the interactive Allman Brothers Transcription Collection includes the following:


  • Notation and Notation/Tab In Downloadable PDF Format

    Each transcription is presented in both notation and also notation with suggested tab formats in a downloadable PDF.  Additional, rehearsal letters are included at appropriate points and these are tied back to the timings of the original track.  So say for example you just wanted to check out the first guitar solo on a song….well you can.

  • Interactive Soundslices

    The music in the transcriptions really come to life with the interactive soundslices.  By hitting ‘Play’ on the soundslice you can hear a representation on how the bass line actually sounds, you can slow it down (or speed it up), change the key, add a metronome, add a fretboard and more.  (See screen capture video for soundslice demonstration below)

What Are The 14 Songs Included In Vol 2 of The Interactive Allman Brothers Transcription Collection?

Wasted Words

Ain't Wasting Time No More


Les Brers In A Minor

Come And Go Blues



Gonna Move To The Outskirts of Town

Double Cross

You Don't Love Me

Drunken Hearted Boy

Leave My Blues At Home

Every Hungry Woman

Southbound (Outtake)

Let Me Give You A Demo

Let me give you a short demonstration of the interactivity of the soundslices in the Allman Brothers Collection - the demo is from the first volume but the principle is the same for Volume 2:


So How Much Does The Allman Brothers Transcription Collection Vol 2 Cost?

The interactive Allman Brothers transcription Collection Vol 2 requires an investment of just...


30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee:  I know that you'll find the unique interactive transcriptions  in The Allman Brothers Collection will help you learn these great  basslines to play with your band or at jams or just for your own playing pleasure.  I want YOU to be just as confident with your purchase though, so there's a full 30 day guarantee period.  After your purchase you've got a full 30 days to go through the transcriptions in the Allman Brothers Collection.  If for whatever reason you're not satisfied,  all you have to do is drop me an email and let me know.  I'll refund your purchase ASAP with no hassles and no hoops to jump through, and we can part as friends.

So It's Time To Make A Decision:  You should have all the information you need to decide whether you want to learn these songs, starting in the next few minutes.  Simply  CLICK the big yellow 'JOIN NOW' button below and you'll be taken to a Registration Page where you can join the second volume of the interactive Allman Brothers Transcription Collection.

Paul Wolfe



P.P.S RECAP of the above.  For just $20 you'll get transcriptions and interactive soundslices for the 12 Allman Brothers songs listed.  Each transcription has notation and notation/tab in the downloadable PDF. Plus each song transcribed has a complete interactive soundslice.

Don't forget that you're covered by my 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee if you  decide this is not for you - so all the risk is on me.



  • Q.How Long Is This Resource Available To Me Once I've Joined?

    A.My business plans  work in 5 year cycles…and I’m currently a year into my second cycle – so the first answer is at least 4 years.  I don’t envisage selling or closing How To Play Bass Dot Com so the realistic answer is probably much longer than that.  4 years is as good a place as any to start.

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