Cracking The Blues Rock Code 5 Day Challenge

You're Probably Thinking...What Can I REALLY Achieve In 5 Days?

If you have a positive mindset, are prepared to roll up your sleeves and do some might just be surprised.

Just to show you what's the's a video of the kind of blues-rock line you'll learn to put together if you take this 5 Day Challenge:

If you watch the video above again you'll see and hear that there are two choruses of the blues in A7 and that they are quite different from each other - not only will we get time to go through the main ideas used in the line in the 5 Day Challenge, but we'll also get time to look at some of the modifying ideas I used in the second chorus.

What Each Lesson In The Challenge Looks Like

Each lesson in the Challenge is presented in a unique combination of text, music graphics and videos so you've got everything you need to understand the concepts being presented.

I shrunk down Pre Training Day 2 and took screen shots of the first half of that lesson so you could get an idea of how the text/notation & tab/video combination in each lesson appears to you:

Depending on your current ability level each lesson takes about 30-45 minutes to read and watch the examples,  and then anything from 30 to 120 minutes to put into practice.  (These are approximations - like just about everything the more you put in, the more you'll get out.)

Some Feeback From Previous Challengers...

I've run several longer Challenges in the last 12 months or so had several hundred students study with me. Here are some screenshots of things that students just like you have said in previous Challenges:

Or how about this for the kind of effect the Challenge will have not only on your playing but also how you hear bass lines:

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This 5 Day Day Challenge Is For Action Takers Only...

Although this Challenge is free I don't want people signing up with the intention of checking it out "some time soon."

Some time soon is never.

So to ensure that you are serious about going through the material I've put together in this 5 day Challenge, here's how it works:

  • When you sign up you get immediate access to two Pre-Training Lessons AND Day 1 of the Challenge
  • Days 2 through 5 appear at 24 hour intervals after you sign up (don't forget it's free)
  • There's a bonus lesson that goes live 24 hours after Day 5
  • Two Weeks after you sign up your access to the Challenge expires

That's to encourage you to consume the Challenge Lessons and practice it with the downloadable practice tracks I've generated.

Plus it gives you a bit of leeway in case life gets in the way.

get started its free

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