Announcing:  The Dee Murray Collection

Back in the day Elton John's bass player was a guy called Dee Murray.  I was never really a fan of Elton John - a bit of musical snobbery I think - and consequently I only really started listening to Dee's lines reasonably recently.

If you've not listened to Dee, you've missed out.  He was an incredible bass player - and his body of work is woefully under represented out there in the publication of bass lines.

I've started working on rectifying that...and here's a collection of Elton John songs that featured Dee Murray on bass.

What Do I Get?

The Dee Murray Collection consists of 13 Song Tutorials and each song has its own dedicated page.  Navigating to the song you wish to learn is simple - and everything you need to learn that song will be at your fingertips.  There are three bonus items too.

Each song tutorial in the Collection includes the following:


  • Video Tutorials

    Each song is split into its main parts – e.g. verse, chorus, bridge, etc – and each main part has its own video tutorial.  Each song is played twice – these are performance tempo and slow tempo playthroughs with picture in picture editing. The notation and tab for each section is posted so that you can cross-reference as you’re going through the video portion of the lesson.

  • Downloadable PDFs For Each Song

    Each song has its own downloadable PDF which contains the notation and tab and some thoughts on playing through the song – and often a ‘road map’ of the song (i.e. what order you play the parts to play through the song).

  • Bass Less Backing Tracks

    Some of the song tutorials have a bass less backing track to play along to.

  • Detailed Band In A Box Programming Instructions

    The PDF for each song in the Collection also contains detailed instructions on how to program the individual song sections in Band In A Box. These instructions include key, suggested performance tempos and so on.

    (Note: Band In A Box is NOT included with The Collection  – but is the best practice software out there for bass players FOR ALL THEIR PRACTICE (IMO) and is highly recommended.)

What Are The  Songs Included In The Dee Murray  Collection

  1. Rocket Man
  2. Honky Tonk Woman
  3. Goodbye yellow Brick Road
  4. Crocodile Rock
  5. Daniel
  6. Bennie And The Jets
  7. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  8. Candle In The Wind
  9. Pinball Wizard
  10. Honky Cat
  11. Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
  12. Philadelphia Freedom
  13. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting


  1.  Video Tutorial for Don't Go Breaking My Heart (not Dee on bass)
  2. Transcription to Shoot Down The Moon (Elton John - Pino Palladino on bass)
  3. Transcription to The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (DEE on this one!)


Let Me Give You A Demo

Let me give you a short demonstration of how everything is set up in this collection - the example is from The David Bowie Collection but the layout is very similar in the Dee Murray Collection:


So How Much Does The Dee Murray Collection Cost?

The Dee Murray Collection requires an investment of just...


30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee:  I know that you'll find the unique tutorial combination of video, notation/tab and backing tracks  in The Dee Murray Collection will help you learn these great songs to play with your band or at jams or just for your own enjoyment.   I want YOU to be just as confident with your purchase though, so there's a full 30 day guarantee period.  After your purchase you've got a full 30 days to go through the songs in the Dee Murray Collection.  If for whatever reason you're not satisfied,  all you have to do is drop me an email and let me know.  I'll refund your purchase ASAP with no hassles and no hoops to jump through, and we can part as friends.

So It's Time To Make A Decision:  You should have all the information you need to decide whether you want to learn these songs, starting in the next few minutes.  Simply  CLICK the big yellow 'JOIN NOW' button below and you'll be taken to a Registration Page where you can join The Dee Murray Collection.

Paul Wolfe



P.P.S RECAP of the above.  For just $30 you'll get detailed tutorials to the 13 Dee Murray basslines listed - plus the three bonus items - note that two of the bonus items are transcriptions only.  Each tutorial covers the major sections of the song and you'll see video for each section, plus interactive soundslice.  Additionally there is notation and tab in the downloadable PDF.  There is also detailed programming instructions to create practice tracks for each song chunk with the software Band In A Box (Band In A Box NOT included)  Don't forget that you're covered by my 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee if you  decide this is not for you - so all the risk is on me.



  • Q.How Long Is This Resource Available To Me Once I've Joined?

    A.My business plans  work in 5 year cycles…and I’m currently a year into my second cycle – so the first answer is at least 4 years.  I don’t envisage selling or closing How To Play Bass Dot Com so the realistic answer is probably much longer than that.  4 years is as good a place as any to start.

  • Q.I Don't Have Band In A Box - Are The Programming Instructions Of Any Use?

    A.Firstly you might not have Band In A Box now, but if you’re serious about getting better at bass guitar then this should be high on your wish list.  It’s the best practice tool for bass players out there.  Secondly, even if you don’t have Band In A Box the programming instructions include screen shots of how each song section looks when programmed in Band In A Box – and this will give you a clear guide to the chord progressions being used in each section of the song.