To demonstrate the power of deliberate composition I've taken a composition from one of my students from another class..

This composition comes from the  first run of the James Jamerson 30 Day Challenge which took place several months ago.

Secondly here’s how the student - a bass player called Leela from the US -  self identifies as a bassist : "I’m a roots and fifths, quarter note, two beat kind of bass player…folk and country styles."

Playing wise, something like Hound Dog by Elvis - a quarter note, rock and roll style line - is at the upper edge of Leela's technique level.

The image below is the first 16 bars of a composition that she created for Day 21 of one of the 30 day challenges I used to run. As you’ll see - and hear -  this is quite an advanced bass line. Here’s the first 16 bars of that composition:

McCartney Day 7 - Leela's Composition from howtoplaybassdotcom on Vimeo.

Now go back and read again how Leela self identifies as a bass player, then look over the composition again and watch and listen to the video of me playing it.

That should serve as a really powerful illustration of what you can do with deliberate composition - and providing you follow the instructions set out in the Workshop literally ANYONE can do this!