Take First Bass And Beyond For A $1/21 Day Test Drive...And Get A 20 Tutorial Collection As A 'Thank You Gift' For Trying It Out!

In October 2015 I closed enrollment to my weekly magazine First Bass and Beyond so that I could focus on redeveloping the website and improving the user experience.

Long story short: it took much longer than I originally anticipated (3 to 6 months)...and in truth there is still 3 to 6 months worth of work needed to finish the job of porting over and revamping the historical content.  However THAT job doesn't impact particularly on First Bass And Beyond going forwards.

So First Bass And Beyond is now open for business again!

Why I'm Giving Away 20 Song Tutorials As A 'Thank You" Gift?

There's so much info in First Bass And Beyond that trying to explain it all in detail is difficult - so I created a one dollar/21 day trial so that people could experience it for themselves and decide if it was for them.

But to make the decision to give it a try a 100% no-brainer I put together a collection of 20 song tutorials taken from the pages of the magazine from the last year. Please read the next paragraph carefully:


The songs covered in this "greatest hits" collection are:

  1. Hotel California (The Eagles)
  2. Venus (Shocking Blue)
  3. I Shot The Sheriff (Bob Marley)
  4. Wishing Well (Free)
  5. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Ian Drury)
  6. Lovely Rita (the Beatles)
  7. The Weight (The Band)
  8. Mercy Mercy Me (Marvin Gaye
  9. Radio Radio (Elvis Costello)
  10. Come Up And See Me, Make Me Smile (Steve Harley)
  11. Low Rider (War)
  12. Statsboro Blues (Allman Brothers)
  13. Let's Stay together (Al Green)
  14. Wild Night (Van Morrison)
  15. Knocking On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan)
  16. Stray Cat Strut (Stray Cats)
  17. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty)
  18. Only So Much Oil In the Ground (Tower Of Power)]
  19. The Jean Genie (David Bowie)
  20. Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye)

Now each of these song tutorials is presented as follows:

  • PDF version of the lesson with notation and tab
  • Chunked into constituent part
  • Each 'chunk' of the song has a video with picture-in-picture close ups of left and right hand filmed at performance tempo and slowed down tempo
  • Each chunk has the notation and tab on the song page programmed in soundslice interactive technology so you can play the notation and get a great idea of EXACTLY how it sounds.

In fact here's a screencast video demonstrating soundslice technology so you can get an accurate idea of what it does:

So that's details of the 20 Song Greatest Hits Collection - and remember you get to keep this as a THANK YOU for trying out First Bass and Beyond via the $1/21 day trial.  Let's quickly talk about what's actually included in First Bass And Beyond.


First Bass And Beyond

So you're probably wondering exactly what's in First Bass And Beyond.

Essentially it's an online resource for bass players that's delivered via a weekly magazine format (there are 50 issues per year).

Each week there's a main transcription, four song tutorials (with videos and so on...EXACTLY like the song tutorials in the Greatest Hits collection described above), and currently there are three other tuitional columns.

Those columns are:

  • Deliberate Practice - Currently working through my notes on the book 'Peak'
  • 80:20 Analysis of the songs contained in each issue
  • Sight Reading From The Ground Up

There's also a new column coming in the issue that will be published on the 21st October.  That column will be a technique column and will be Slap Bass For Beginners.  (Again, this will have multimedia elements including video, MP3 tracks, Soundslices and so on.)

There's more though...

First Bass And Beyond Bonus Items

As well as the weekly content there are 'libraries' of content that was published in previous years (FB&B is now iin its 8th year!) and is now available for all future members of First Bass and Beyond.

Items included:

  • Music Theory For Bass Players
  • Counting 16th Notes
  • Bass For Beginners Course
  • Time And Groove Column

There are also additional song tutorials (Quickguides etc) that will be added to the First Bass And Beyond library collection to make this an even more valuable resource.

Now I've not counted...but there's somewhere in the region of 1000 pages of content just in the PDFs that go with the bonus libraries.  The Bass For Beginners Course currently sells separately for $127 on the How To Play Bass Dot Com website....so these bonus libraries are highly valuable.


What Do People Like You Say About FB&B?

There's also a private Facebook Group for FB&B members where they can post transcription requests, tutorial requests, ask questions etc.

Here's a screenshot from last year in response to a question I asked about First Bass And Beyond:

Summing Up

There's a lot of content in First Bass And Beyond...with new content every week.  It is hard to describe the depth and breadth and is something you need to experience - so I've put together the the $1/21 day trial so YOU can experience it.

If you decide to remain a member the ongoing monthly cost is just $24 (which is substantially less than the price of a caffeine fix at Starbucks every day).

If you decide FB&B is NOT for you then you can either cancel before the 21 day period is up either by dropping me an email or by cancelling direct from your Members Page.

Just so you know there's also a reminder email you'll get a few days before the 21 day period expires - so if life has caught up with you and you're hectically busy...you'll get a reminder.  I only want people committed to learning and getting better at bass in First Bass And Beyond.  If that's not you, I'd rather you make sure you've cancelled before the 21 day trial is up.



Guarantee #1:  You've got a full 21 days to try out the unique collection of bass resources in First Bass And Beyond. You can cancel at any time in that 21 day period.

Guarantee #2:  When your trial ends and you  become a full member you can still cancel at any time in the future. There's a 'Cancel' button on your Members Home page that will instantly cancel your account.  So you've got complete control over your account.

Guarantee #3:  One of my  goals for First Bass And Beyond  is to make it the #1 Online Learning Resource for Beginner and Intermediate players. I guarantee that FB&B will continue moving down that path over the upcoming months and years by adding new mini courses, new song transcriptions and new song tutorials.

Now It's Your Turn:  If you've read this far you should have all the information you need to decide whether you want to join First Bass and Beyond.  Simply  CLICK the big yellow 'GET STARTED NOW' button below and you'll be taken to the registration form on the Courses Website.   Once you've joined,  you'll be automatically added to First Bass And Beyond and sent a welcome email.  If you don't receive that email for any reason, then don't panic, simply send us an email and we'll work out what went wrong in the process and get you added to the site manually. So go ahead.  Click the big yellow button below and GET STARTED the registration process!

The Registration Process and What Happens Next

#1 Clicking the GET STARTED NOW button will take you to the registration page on my new Courses website.

#2 You'll be prompted to enter your email address and set up a password.

#3 Then you can make the $1 trial payment.

#4 When you've made this payment you should be automatically logged in and redirected to the main First Bass And Beyond page.  The latest magazine issue from last Friday is waiting there for you to check out.  (And the NEXT issue will be along on Friday at 5pm GMT/12.00 PM EST)

#5 Currently I have to add you manually to the 20 Song Greatest Hits collection - I'll do that within 24 hours of you joining (but usually much quicker) and email you to let you know.

At any stage if you have any queries, just use the Contact form either here or on the Courses website and send me an email.


Paul Wolfe aka "Don Pablo" ' the Don of Deliberate Practice