For Bass Players Who Understand The Value Of Building A Song Library!

Do You Remember Record Clubs Like Columbia House Records and BMG?

...if you don't, I'm sure you're familiar with their Introductory Offers like the one below:

Back in the day Columbia House (or BMG) offered great introductory deals to get people into their record club. 

Columbia House got so popular that at one stage they were responsible for 15-20% of sales for the entire US Recording Industry.

And I'm guessing that most of you bass playing guys and girls are big music fans - every musician is! - and there's a good chance that some of you used record clubs like Columbia House or BMG to really goose your music collection. you might be wondering what Columbia House or BMG or any of the other record clubs has got to do with playing the bass?

Here's the thing, the offer of 13 records or tapes for $1.00 was an introductory offer to get you to join their club.

And I've got my own 'club' for bass players.  Only it's not for collecting's for collecting bass lines to songs in a format that makes it super easy to learn those song.  And I'm testing out my own "Columbia House style" introductory offer!

The "Columbia House" Style Offer - 8 Song Tutorials For A Dollar!

Now I don't have the programming skills to give you a list of songs to choose from and then automagically give you access to them once you check out my instead I've created six "greatest hits" collections of 8 songs each and if you take me up on my offer you get a greatest hits collection of your choice as a gift for trying this out.  Here are the six greatest hits collections plus the songs included:

Working Basslines Volume 1 Greatest Hits Collection:

Songs Included: Brown Sugar • Sultans Of Swing • Long Train Running • Stuck In The Middle With you • The Power Of Love • Sweet Home Alabama • Pretty Woman • Bad Moon Rising


Funk Soul Disco Greatest Hits Collection:

Songs Included: September • Boogie Nights • Boogie Wonderland • Hot Stuff • The Best Of My Love • Play That Funky Music • Sex Machine • Do Ya Think I'm Sexy


Beatles Greatest Hits Collection:

Songs Included: I Saw Her Standing There • Something • Old Brown Shoe • All You Need Is Love • Paperback Writer • Come Together • Penny Lane • A Day In The Life


Blues Rock Greatest Hits Collection:

Songs Included: Whipping Post • Crossroads • Little Wing • Hey Joe • Hideaway • Black Dog • I'm Tore Down • Cold Shot


Classic R&B Greatest Hits Collection:

Songs Included: Knock On Wood • My Girl • Band Of Gold • Soul Man • Son Of A Preacher Man • I Heard It Through The Grapevine • Hold On I'm Coming •Ain't No Sunshine


Country And Country Rock Greatest Hits Collection:

Songs Included: Little Miss Honky Tonk • Hicktown • Friends In Low Places • Crazy • Already Gone • Let Your Love Flow • The Weight • Folsom Prison Blues

To remind you, the Greatest Hits Collection is a 'thank you gift' for trying out my club; my club is for bass players who want to learn songs and it's called First Bass And Beyond.

More About First Bass And Beyond ...

So What Is First Bass And Beyond?

First Bass And Beyond is a weekly multimedia magazine.  Each issue has five complete song tutorials in it and it's published every Friday at 5pm GMT/12 pm EST

How is each song tutorial presented?

You'll quickly get used to the format- the song is broken down into its constituent parts, these are presented in a downloadable PDF with the parts written out in standard notation and tab, there's also a section on how you can program the different sections in the program Band In A Box.

There's more though...

Each of the major parts of the song are then filmed and presented at two tempo levels: performance tempo and slowed down tempo (usually performance tempo minus 20 BPM).


Each of the major parts of the songs are also embedded on the song lesson page with an interactive soundslice.  This is technology that allows you to actually press 'PLAY' and hear the notation. You can add a metronome, slow it down, loop the section, loop just a couple of bars of the section, change the key and so on.  And yep, the sound is a little synthetic - but being able to isolate and hear EXACTLY how a line sounds is a big part in building the mental representations needed to play that line.

Unannounced Bonuses

From time to time there are additional bonuses on top of the 5 song tutorials a week.

As I write this we are approaching Christmas, so we are going through a 'First Bass And Beyond' advent calendar where each day I add a part to a lesson for Duck Dunn's complete line on Sweet Home Chicago (all 21 parts of it).

And there are other unannounced bonuses as well that increase the value of your subscription.

A Recap Of What You're Getting Today

  • $1/14 Day Trial

    This “Columbia House style”  offer gives you a chance to test drive First Bass And Beyond for 14 days to see if this unique weekly magazine is something that will help you build your own bass line collection.

  • Greatest Hits Collection Of Your Choice (Thank You gift)

    As A Thank You for taking First Bass And Beyond for a $1/14 day test drive, you get to choose a ‘greatest hits’ collection from the ones detailed above….and that’s yours to keep.

  • Ongoing Monthly Subscription To First Bass And Beyond

    If you like First Bass And Beyond during your 14 day trial period, then you don’t need to do anything and you’ll automatically become an ongoing subscriber.

  • Unannounced Bonuses

    From time to time there are unannounced bonuses that i add to First Bass And Beyond to increase the value of the subscription.

Don't Just Take My Word For It

How Much Is The Monthly Subscription To First Bass And Beyond?

Over time some (but not all) of the song tutorials that you get with First Bass And Beyond will be available to non-subscribers.  If we assume each month has 4 weekly issues x 5 tutorials per issue....and that each tutorial is priced at $4 (some of the really detailed ones are more)...then each month it would cost around $80 to check out all the tutorials.

The monthly subscription to First Bass And Beyond isn't anywhere near $80 per month.

I'm currently testing out selling individual back issues to non-subscribers at $10 per issue.

Again if we assume there are four weekly issues per month at $10 per issue....then it would cost $40 per month to check out all the tutorials.

The monthly subscription is less than half that.

In fact the monthly subscription to First Bass And Beyond is....

Only $16 Per Month! put that into context that's less than $3.70 per week.

If you drink coffee that's less than one fancy cup (or two regular cups of Joe) at your favourite coffee shop.  And get to try it for 14 days for just a dollar!


The "Part As Friends" Guarantee:  I know that First Bass And Beyond is the ultimate song resource for bass players.  That's both in terms of the songs being taught but also the way that they're taught.  However I want you to be just as confident.  So at any time during your 14 day trial of First Bass And Beyond, if you're not happy all you have to do is drop me an email and I'll cancel your membership before the first monthly subscription is charged.  Plus you'll get to keep the greatest hits package you chose as a thank you for trying First Bass And Beyond we can part as friends!

Get Started Now: There's a big yellow "GET STARTED NOW" button below.  Clicking that will take you to the site where First Bass And Beyond is hosted. The registration process is simple - you enter your primary email and a password (for future log ins on the magazine site) and then securely complete the enrollment process using your credit card.

Once you've joined you'll get an email with instructions on how to claim your bonus Greatest Hits collection.  So click that big yellow button....and I'll see you inside!

Paul Wolfe/

P.S. If you really want to play with other musicians at gigs, jams and rehearsals then just about the most important thing you need to equip yourself with is a library of songs.  Other musicians won't care what scales you can play or whether you can play machine gun triplets or double thumb at 130 BPM....they will ONLY care that you "know the songs" and that you can play them with good time.

First Bass And Beyond will help you build up YOUR library of songs for less than the price of a fancy cup of coffee a week.  And don't can try it out for less than the price of a regular cup of Joe AND get to choose a 'greatest hits' collection of your choice as a thank you for trying it out.  So click the big yellow button above and get started now!