How To Play Blues Rock Bass Vol 1

An 80-20 Device Method Book

Ever got up to play at a blues jam and didn’t know what to play?

What if you knew the common vocabulary used by bass players like Tommy Shannon, Carl Radle and Duck Dunn to create their lines?

Do you think that might make playing your own lines easier?

Over the last 10 years I’ve transcribed literally thousands of bass lines, not just in blues rock, but across all musical genres, and identified the common vocabulary that players like the above plus James Jamerson and Paul McCartney and John Paul Jones and a host of others all use in their bass lines.

That common vocabulary - I call the individual vocabulary pieces “devices” - occurs in 95% plus of all good bass lines.

And I’ve distilled that down into an easy to follow/quick to implement learning system that will teach YOU how to play authentic sounding blues rock bass lines.

This book is Volume 1 of a 3 Volume Series that will equip you with everything you need to play compelling blues rocks bass lines. In Volume 1 some of what you’ll find is:

  • The two most commonly used devices in blues rock (Sections 2 and 3)
  • How to create your own bass lines - and avoid the ‘Tyranny Of Tempo’ (Section 12)
  • How to create harmonic variation in your lines using modifying devices (Section 4)
  • Over 175 MP3 tracks to download and practice with (Bonus Website Version)
  • What to play on ‘bar 9’ of the blues form (Section 5)
  • How to fill the sonic hole in the classic 3 piece line up when the guitarist starts to solo (Section 11)
  • How to put one bar devices together to create two bar devices (Section 7)
  • Perpetual Motion practice exercises for devices using cycle tracks (Bonus Website Version)
  • How to lead into a stop verse, set up the ‘hits’ and then lead out again (Section 8)
  • How to use devices you’ve learned to work through new key centres (Bonus Website Version)
  • And more...


Start learning the core devices of blues rock bass.

Get Volume 1 now.


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