80-20 Bass: Pino Palladino Style Grooves

An 80-20 Device Method Book

"The Answer To All Your Musical Questions Are Found In The Grooves Of Your Record Collection."

Billy Sheehan said that. And it’s true. Just about every musical problem you will ever have has already been solved by the giants of bass whose shoulders we all stand on.

Here’s some of the musical questions answered in this Volume - all based on the bass playing of Pino Palladino with John Mayer:

  • Dynamic ideas for one chord vamps (Grooves 2, 5 and 16)
  • How to create vertical lines with linear chord progressions (Groove 10)
  • Why “grooves” should be renamed fragments of genius (Introduction).
  • How To Use Three Note Fragments In Bass Lines (multiple grooves, plus Sidebar)
  • Using modeling to create a bass line on a different chord progression (Grooves 10 and 16)
  • Creating iterative variations of a fragment (Groove 13)
  • Adding a resolution usually found in jazz bass lines to blues lines (Groove 14)
  • Adapting slow 12:8 lines to uptempo swing 8th note lines (Groove 17)
  • How to take ideas from a 16th note fragment and adapt them for swing 8th note feel(Groove 2)
  • Converting 16th Note fragments to swing 16th note feel(Grooves 3 and 7)
  • How to use Jamerson’s favourite device with implied chord substitution (Groove 9
  • How to use a cool modifying triplet in conventional swing 8th note blues lines AND how to convert it for 16th note rhythms (Groove 6)
  • Using Hammer-ons And Glisses to the '9' to humanize a line (Grooves 3 and 15)

Plus there are multiple examples of ideas like: 16th note overlapping; omitting implied device notes; how Pino connects different chord movements; the consonant devices that form the foundations of Pino’s vocabulary; using rests, three note fragments and unevenal weighted device notes to create syncopation; incorporating upper chord tones into lines and more.

Learn how to study "fragments of genius" now - and learn the multiple ways they can positively impact your bass playing.

Get Pino Palladino Style Grooves For Bass Guitar now.

NOTE: to be added to the free, online version of this Volume, simply email a copy of your Amazon invoice or Amazon order to paul@how-to-play-bass.com and I'll add you to the online version and email you log in details. The online version includes over 100 streaming videos (each example filmed at two tempo levels and edited with picture in picture technology) and over 175 MP3 practice tracks to download. Please note: Amazon marketplace orders or orders from second hand book sellers do not qualify for the bonus, online version.

Additionally I'm developing two Pino influenced styles for Band In A Box that will part of the bonus version - if you have the software, you'll be able to download these, add them to your version of BIAB and generate your own bass lines, sight reading etudes and more!

Paul Wolfe/www.how-to-play-bass.com