For Gigging Bass Players - And Those That Want To Be!

Announcing:  Working Basslines Volume 2!

Second Collection Of Songs Played By 'Working Joes' All Over The World

When most of us picked up the bass, we did so for one of three reasons:

  • To play in a band with our friends
  • To play in a band with other musicians
  • Both of the above!

When I started out my journey on the bass that was my goal too.

But for years I was the archetypal bedroom musician. And when I actually summoned up the courage to go out and play with other musicians, although I was a reasonable player I lacked one essential piece of knowledge:

A library of songs that gigging bands play.


Despite the name of 'Volume 2' this is the fourth collection of song tutorials that I've put out following on from Volume 1, Funk Soul And Disco Basslines and Classic R&B Basslines.  If you've seen the information pages for any of those collections then you should know what to expect from this collection!

Working Basslines Volume 2

Learning a song with Working Basslines Volume 2 is a snap.  If you're sat at your computer then all the resources you need are just a mouse click or two away!  In fact there's a small demonstration further down the page for you to check out - each song tutorial allows you to focus on each important chunk of the song in isolation, learn that, and then put all the song chunks together when your learning is complete.

The notation and tab - as well as being in the downloadable PDF - are also adjacent to the video so that you can cross-reference as you learn from the video tutorial.

When I Originally Created Some Of these Videos I filmed material for two versions - a version that went on YouTube and a version with extra content that only my First Bass And Beyond subscribers saw. And in preparing the videos for this collection they have all been re-edited and re-rendered in higher quality - and a lot of that bonus footage that you won't find on the plain 'YouTube' versions is included.  Plus there are plans to add more footage to existing tutorials using the picture in picture technology that you'll see in the Play That Funky Music demo below.

Why Should I Listen To You?

For the best part of 20 years I made my living as a "working bass player."  I've gigged all over the UK and throughout Europe - and in that time played at nearly 2000 gigs and racked up over 100,000 miles on the road!  And those gigs have spanned multiple genres - reggae, rock, funk, soul, disco, pop, big band and more.  So I have a pretty good idea of what songs working bands have in their playbooks in those genres.

But before I started compiling these volumes of Working Basslines I asked those bass players who subscribe to my weekly magazine First Bass And Beyond to send in their set lists so I could check them out.  And I got set lists from bands in America, Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa and even Brazil and Chile!  And I cross referenced my list of working songs with the set lists that I collected - so you can be confident that the songs in these volumes are songs that working bands play - and that working joes just like you need to learn and know!

Plus I'm Guessing That If You're Here Now you've seen one of the 300 or so tutorials that I currently have on YouTube and contributed to the close to 10 million views I've racked up teaching bass players just like you to play the kind of songs I'm talking about.  Only now you can finally get access to all the components of the song lesson (and song tutorials that have never been posted to YouTube).

What Are The Benefits?

Here are the main benefits of Working Basslines Volume 2:

  • Song Selection

    Just as with Volume 1, there’s a wide variety of songs featured in Volume 2 for you to learn – all of which are played across the world by working bands – so that you can approach rehearsals, auditions and gigs confident that you have learned a good library of the kind of songs that bands play at paying gigs.

  • Cost Effective

    At the time of writing there are 55 tutorials planned for this volume….that will probably increase to 60 in line with prior volumes….so that makes it less than the price of a cup of coffee from your local coffee house per tutorial.  Plus the opportunity cost of the time saved if you had to learn from first principles.

  • Accurate Notation And Tab

    There’s a metric shit ton of tabs and the like out there on the Interwebz – and not of all it is accurate. The majority of these tutorials are based on actually playing these songs out there in the real world – so you don’t have to worry about learning something that’s wrong.  (And if you ever think something is notated wrongly….challenge me and I’ll double and triple check it and fix it if need be! And reward you with goodies as a thank you!

  • Sectional Learning

    Because the songs are presented in chunks – and minor variations from section to section are ignored – it makes learning not only quicker, but you can prioritize learning time on the sections of the song that are harder and that you have to nail (e.g. the unison riff in Superstition).

  • Accessibility

    Once you’ve joined the tutorials are always available – provided you’ve got Internet Access of course! – and you can print out the downloadable PDFs so you can take them on the road with you.  (Or load them to your iPad!).

  • Lifetime Updates

    There will be updates to the program in the upcoming years – for example there are  songs I’m thinking of replacing, plus there are videos that I want to shoot in the newer, picture-in-picture style that I’m using almost exclusively now, and all the Band In A Box files that I use will be added over the next few months.  Point is….you’re covered for all these updates and will get an email when one goes live.

What Other People Say?

Here's what just three of the previous students of Working Basslines Volume 1 have to say about the collection:


David Rothenberg - Florida, USA

For me the only potential obstacle in buying BassLines Vol 1 was the expansive variety of songs. In other words, the diversity of songs wasn't something I was initially looking for.  But I am very happy that I have now. I think it makes me a more well rounded bass player. As a result of buying Working Bass Vol 1, I have learned more songs in a shorter time frame than ever before. I think the 'Band in a Box instructions' was are really helpful during the learning phase of the song.T I really like the way you present the material. I have been using tutorials for about 3 years now. I have checked out other cyber instructors. No one comes close to your instructional style. I can never thank you enough!!! David

Donald Mick, USA

Time to utilize the site is my biggest concern. I am  an online student at Berklee College of Music, and am currently one class away from receiving my Bass Professional Certification.  During periods when I am taking a class, I don’t have time to use Working Bass Lines, but in between, I find it really helpful in quickly adding to my repertoire of songs.

Breaking down the instruction into verse, chorus, intro etc is a great way to do it.  It allows me to review sections where I need it, and skip the rest.  I really like having access to both a video and the notation used.

I think Working Baselines Vol 1 has value to both beginners and to more experienced players.  I recommend it highly!

Jean Marc Kerou - France

Please excuse my English!  What I really like about Working Basslines Volume 1 is the opportunity to immediately access the MUSIC and with direct practice it is a great joy to rapidly get results.  I appreciate The "real life" aspect of your pedagogy = efficiency (efficacité ) and your professionalism ( the fact you've been playing thousands of songs transpire obviously and make your tutorial very fruitfull ).

Working Basslines Volume 1 is not expensive and allowed me to get fast results. I would highly recommend it to bass players ! Because this is the first site where one can learn for true , get results and make real and very stable improvements .

Jean Marc
PS, I can't wait to start Blues Course !

What Do I Get?

Working Basslines Volume 2 consists of 55 Song Tutorials and each song has its own dedicated page.  Navigating to the song you wish to learn is simple - and everything you need to learn that song will be at your fingertips.

Each song tutorial in the Working Basslines volume 2 library includes the following:


  • Video Tutorials

    Each song is split into its main parts – e.g. verse, chorus, bridge, etc – and each main part has its own video tutorial.  There are two styles of tutorial used – note by note (my older style) or performance temp/slow tempo playthroughs with picture in picture editing (my new style). The notation and tab for each section is posted so that you can cross-reference as you’re going through the video portion of the lesson.

  • Downloadable PDFs For Each Song

    Each song has its own downloadable PDF which contains the notation and tab and some thoughts on playing through the song – and often a ‘road map’ of the song (i.e. what order you play the basic part to play through the song).

  • Bass Less Backing Tracks

    Each song tutorial has audio content as well – either a bass less backing track to play along to, or backing tracks for different sections of the song generated in Band In A Box.

  • Detailed Band In A Box Programming Instructions

    The PDF for each song in the Working Basslines library also contains detailed instructions on how to program the individual song sections in Band In A Box. These instructions include key, suggested real tracks to use, suggested performance tempos and so on.

    (Note: Band In A Box is NOT included with Working Basslines – but is the best practice software out there for bass players and is highly recommended.)

BONUS PDF: (to be announced)

What Are The  Songs Included In Working Basslines Volume 2?



Don't Stop Believing


Crazy Little Thing Called Love

La Bamba

Sympathy For The Devil


Pinball Wizard

Losing My religion

Stray Cat Strut

Uptown Funk

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Down Under

Thinking Out Loud

Listen To The Music

Baker Street

Weather With You

One Way Or Another

I'm A Believer

The Boys Are Back In Town

Hotel California

Money For Nothing

Beds Are Burning


Black Velvet

Shake A Tailfeather

Light My Fire

Texas Flood


The Jean Genie

Come As You Are

Song #2


20th Century Boy


Oh What A Night


The Thrill Is Gone

Take Me To The River

Walk This Way

Wishing Well

Runaway Baby


More Than A Feeling

The One I Love

Rock This Town


Unchain My Heart

You're The One That I Want


Rebel Rebel

You Can Go Your Own Way


I Can See Clearly Now

Let Me Give You A Demo

Let me give you a short demonstration of how everything is set up on the Working Basslines site.

Let's Assume You Need To Learn Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry - and let's assume you're working on the chorus. Here's how it would look on the Funky Music Page.

First you'd have the notation and tab:

Then you'd have the video underneath it so you could watch the video and cross reference with the notation and tab:

Then after all the song sections you'd have the downloadable PDF (which includes all the notation and tab, plus the Band In A Box programming instructions),and the bassless backing tracks to practice along with (or Band In A Box files.)

So you've got everything on hand to learn the different sections of the song and then put those sections together.

So How Much Does Working Basslines Volume 2 Cost?

Working Basslines Volume 2 is just....


60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee:  We know that you'll find the unique tutorial combination of video, notation/tab and backing tracks  in Working Basslines Volume 2  will help you learn a ton of the kind of songs that working bands the world use at their gigs.  We want you to be just as confident with your purchase though, so there's a full 60 day guarantee period.  After your purchase you've got a full 60 days to go through the songs in the Volume 2 Library.  If for whatever reason you're not satisfied,  all you have to do is drop us an email and let us know.  We'll refund your purchase ASAP with no hassles and no hoops to jump through, and we can part as friends.

So It's Time To Make A Decision:  You should have all the information you need to decide whether you want to learn these working songs, starting in the next few minutes.  Simply  CLICK the big yellow 'JOIN NOW' button below and you'll be taken to a Paypal screen where you can purchase Working Basslines Volume 2.  (If you don't have a Paypal account you can still purchase using a Credit Card.)  You should be redirected upon checkout straight to the index page of Working Basslines Volume 2! So go ahead.  Click the big yellow button below and JOIN NOW.


P.S. When you go to a gig, a jam or a rehearsal  no-one will care whether you can play  diminished scale licks or machine gun triplets or non-muddy chords. Instead they'll ONLY care  whether you know a large repertoire of the kind of songs that working bands all over the world play. If you don't know the don't get the gig.  Period.

Hitting the 'Join Now' button is the easiest and most cost effective way to get started learning these working songs.

Paul Wolfe




P.P.S RECAP of the above.  For just $127 you'll get detailed tutorials to the 55 songs listed.  Each tutorial covers the major sections of the song and you'll see video for each section, plus notation and tab.  Additionally there is notation and tab in the downloadable PDF.  There is also detailed programming instructions to create practice tracks for each song chunk with the software Band In A Box (Band In A Box NOT included)  And there's either a bass less backing track for you to play with once you've learned all the song sections, or Band In A Box files to practice with (MP3 format). Don't forget that you're covered by my 60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee if you  decide this is not for you - so all the risk is on me.



  • Q.How Many Volumes Of Working Basslines Are There Going To Be?

    A.At least 7. Currently available is Volume 1, Funk Soul and Disco Basslines, Classic R&B Basslines and Volume 2 this one.  Next up is Ska and Reggae (hopefully mid feb 2016).  And following that will be a Beatles Volume, a Blues Rock volume and a Country/New Country volume.

  • Q.How Long Is This Resource Available To Me Once I've Joined?

    A.My business plans  work in 5 year cycles…and I’m currently a year into my second cycle – so the first answer is at least 4 years.  I don’t envisage selling or closing How To Play Bass Dot Com so the realistic answer is probably much longer than that.  4 years is as good a place as any to start.

  • Q.I Don't Have Band In A Box - Are The Programming Instructions Of Any Use?

    A.Firstly you might not have Band In A Box now, but if you’re serious about getting better at bass guitar then this should be high on your wish list.  It’s the best practice tool for bass players out there.  Secondly, even if you don’t have Band In A Box the programming instructions include screen shots of how each song section looks when programmed in Band In A Box – and this will give you a clear guide to the chord progressions being used in each section of the song.

  • Q.What If There's A Specific Song I Need To Learn That's Not Covered By Your Library?

    A.I’ve taught over 400 songs on video down the years I’ve been running How To Play Bass Dot Com – so if you don’t see it listed, it’s always worth dropping me an email to see if I have it gathering virtual dust in my archives.